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jimmckeeth (Jim McKeeth) Tip: If you are using Windows Easy Transfer to backup boot camp before reinstalling, remove the drive letter for the Mac OS X partition. 27 Jan jimmckeeth (Jim McKeeth) It is irritating how often a reboot fixes my computer troubles. More irritating how often I forget that. 27 Jan jimmckeeth (Jim McKeeth) […]

Big Bang Theory T-Shirts

I really enjoy watching Big Bang Theory, one of the best parts is all the crazy T-Shirts Sheldon wears. Now someone case created similarly crazy shirts based on Sheldon. I already have this one: Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock This is probably my favorite: I’m Not Insane My mother had me tested Bazinga Visionary Anime […]

Star Wars the Old Republic

It looks like someone might finally have my number when it comes to a massively multiplayer game (MMO): I actually have not played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic yet, but I heard good things about it. It it wasn’t BioWare teamed with Lucas Arts for this game then I would have my doubts […]

Chasing my Tail

I am not making this up. My debit card has gotten the signature strip warn off the back, so I needed a new one. Unfortunately the little card services number is missing too. So I figured I would go to the web site and submit a request there. I get a response back the next […]

Wii Elbow

I suspect this might become more common, but I believe I may have developed some Wii Elbow from playing tennis on Wii Sports.

Time to PodCast

Last week I decided to launch a Delphi podcast. It was a lot of work, but amazingly it all came together and I met my deadline of having the first episode online this morning. I did however discover it was very, very time consuming to put it together. I spent over 10 hours just making, […]

The Dr is IN

Just watched Episode 1 of Dr. Horrible, and contrary to the name, it is actually very good. The first 4 minutes were pretty slow, but then the music starts. Although I must admit I like evil villain musicals in general, but I thought this one was the best one I have seen so far. Check […]

We are Moving

“Everything but the kitchen sink.” was the text attached to this picture from my wife. I am sure I mentioned we are moving from sunny Nampa, Idaho (close to Boise) to rainy Mukilteo, Washington (close to Seattle). FYI, Mukilteo is pronounced like Muckle-Tea-Oh (like Buckle). Took me a while to get that right. I’ve actually […]

Luck O’ the Irish LAN

I am throwing my first large scale LAN party.  Since this Saturday, March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day I am calling it Luck O’ the Irish LAN.  We actually had reserved the room for another purpose, but that didn’t work out, so a last minute change of agenda led to this LAN.  I expect it […]

Even Mac and PC can get Along

Happy Holidays! Watch Apple’s holiday commercial where Mac and PC actually get along.