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My New RV

Leo just IM’ed me about this new RV. He saw it on Top Gear, and the reason he was telling me about it is they incorporate my idea of a faucet that has an LED inside that changes color based on the temperature – red for hot, blue for cold and some shade of purple […]

Naturalist or Bodily-Kinesthetic

My dad just sent me this video of Lorenzo : the Flying FrenchMan. . . It is really cool to watch, but it got me wondering, is this an example of Naturalist Intelligence, or Bodily-Kinesthetic. My guess it is a strong combination of both. Naturalist allows him to communicate with the animals so well, while […]

Using Magic

When I was just out of high school I worked through a temp agency doing light industrial and clerical work. I think that is a great first job since you get to do a lot of different types of work with a lot of different kinds of people. Some of the assignments were short, some […]

Christmas Paid for Itself

This is something really cool that I have been meaning to blog about since before Thanksgiving. Denise pointed out that I haven’t been updating my blog near enough (ugh, I just meta-blogged!) So we wanted to get our family a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. They run about $225 – $300, which is reasonable, but then […]

Hot Self Publishing Tips

First of all a couple quotes “Writing is re-writing” and “Every Master was once a Disaster.”  I am unsure of the original source, but I have heard them from Harv Eker a few times.  If you are self publishing get a lot of feedback from a lot of people.  You will rewrite a lot of […]

Pet Projects and Business Maturity

I talk to a lot individuals (myself included) who have started some hobby or pet project that has some sort of business experience.  An example may be a blog or website.  Maybe a piece of software.  Could be a book or an invention.  Unfortunately most get stuck as pet projects.  What can you do about […]

With IQ being Intellectual Quotient (ability to understand and organize information), and EQ being Emotional Quotient (ability to understand and organize people).  If we were to assume that they are mutually exclusive so a person could only have one or the other, which would you want? Why? I would want a high EQ.  That would […]

The Passion of Paul Potts

I don’t watch hardly any TV, and when I do it is not a reality show, especially not one of the star search variety like American Idol. When I saw Nick Hodges post about Opera, I first figured it was the Web Browser. Then when I figured it was the musical style, I didn’t expect […]

I just finished reading the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. An amazing book. It was published about 100 years ago too. You can read the whole thing on WikiSource. That is where I got it from too. I formatted it all nice and printed it out. Wallace has other books like Science […]

My wife just sent me this quote, which I really like. “Practice until you get it right. Then practice until you can’t get it wrong.” Don’t know who it is by though. I’ll research that. . . I am also a fan of the differentiation that practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. Perfect practice […]