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The Bible Isn’t Scary

The Idaho Senate just¬†approved a measure permitting Bible in schools.¬† Why is it an issue about using the Bible in schools? When I was in school we read excerpts from the Iliad (a religious text from ancient Greece), from the Bible and other ancient religious texts. It was clear that there was no effort to […]

I could write about this in great detail. It is something I believe strongly about, but there is just one point I would like to make right now. I say this in full realization that such a statement could be considered self-referential. Anyone who suggests that you are a victim of others, is trying to […]

Is Gitmo the new Salem?

OK, at the risk of getting myself on some Government hit list, I really want to share this. The other day Dawn and I were watching The Majestic with Jim Carey. I really enjoyed the movie. It takes place during the McCarthyism Anti-Communism hearings. Watching how ludicrous the hearings and investigations were depicted it made […]

Soul Defined

Ben “Lemming Lord” Bauer defines the soul as: The soul is that part of someone that is invulnerable. I thought that was a cool definition, but then I got to thinking. . . .I believe the Soul is malleable – it changes and grows with the person. I’ve never considered the vulnerability of it, but […]

I previously discussed the chain from thoughts to actions to habits to character. Now I would really like to re-iterate a point: The importance of choosing the thoughts you give time on the stage of your mind. Sometimes it may feel like we are bombarded with random thoughts – they just keep coming with no […]

For some reason on my my most memorable Sunday School lessons as a teen ager was when we can into the classroom and the teacher had written on the board something like: _____ become _____ ______ create _____ ______ build ______ Then the words: Thoughts, Actions, Habits, and Character. Now as I try to recall […]

Wafa Sultan on Muslim Terrorism

Wow, this has got to be on of the most amazing speeches/interviews I have seen in a long time. Wafa Sultan is an Arab-American Psychologist from LA. This video clip aired on Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) on Feburary 21st, 2006. She really lays it on the line for the Muslims and the belief that Islamic faith […]