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I Invented Slide to Unlock?

Was rather surprised this morning to discover I invented Slide to Unlock. A former co-worker and friend saw the news and was wondering if I was the Jim McKeeth mentioned.¬†Of course he, and a lot of other people, are wondering if I will be getting any money out of it. Since the patent is licensed […]

Is Gitmo the new Salem?

OK, at the risk of getting myself on some Government hit list, I really want to share this. The other day Dawn and I were watching The Majestic with Jim Carey. I really enjoyed the movie. It takes place during the McCarthyism Anti-Communism hearings. Watching how ludicrous the hearings and investigations were depicted it made […]

The Passion of Paul Potts

I don’t watch hardly any TV, and when I do it is not a reality show, especially not one of the star search variety like American Idol. When I saw Nick Hodges post about Opera, I first figured it was the Web Browser. Then when I figured it was the musical style, I didn’t expect […]

Even Mac and PC can get Along

Happy Holidays! Watch Apple’s holiday commercial where Mac and PC actually get along.

National Geographic magazine has an article on the feasibility of an invisibility cloak.† There is an illustration accompanying it.† I must say, it is the best photo accompanying a news article I have ever seen. Here is the photo caption. In an artist’s conception a cloak of invisibility is arranged against a white background. In […]

Dinner with Shel and a Foil ball

Wow, the blogger dinner was a great experience. I got Shel to sign my copy of Naked Conversations, which is really cool for me. I really like collecting signed books. We had great pizza at Flying Pie – they are so passionate about pizza, and for good reason – they make the best I’ve had. […]

Boise Blog Dinner TONIGHT!

If you live in the Boise, Idaho area and are involved in blogging (reader or writer) be sure you are at the Boise Blog Dinner tonight! Time/Date: 6:30-8:30 pm, Monday, May 15 (TONIGHT!) Place: Flying Pie Pizza, 6508 Fairview, Boise, Idaho Deal: Pizza and soda for $4.00 In addition to local blogosphere members, Shel Israel, […]

Boise Blogger Dinner

There will be a blogger dinner in Boise with Shel Israel, one of the authors of Naked Conversations. I plan to be there. Shel is in town as a speaker for the Public Relations Society of America on Tuesday May 16th. The dinner will be Monday, May 15th. He posted to his blog looking for […]

Wafa Sultan on Muslim Terrorism

Wow, this has got to be on of the most amazing speeches/interviews I have seen in a long time. Wafa Sultan is an Arab-American Psychologist from LA. This video clip aired on Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) on Feburary 21st, 2006. She really lays it on the line for the Muslims and the belief that Islamic faith […]