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Some Video That I Used To Know

I’m sure you’ve seen the video for Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. Pretty cool video, and pretty cool song. It didn’t stop there though. Walk of the Earth did a creative cover, where the 5 of them played a single guitar. That of course inspired a number of parodies and copycats, including […]

Nuttin’ But Spam

Thanks to Kevin who just introduced me to The FuMP – The Funny Music Project. Basically it is a collection of daily funny songs, each released under creative commons. I listed to a couple of songs and found this one particularly funny: Robert Lund – Nuttin’ But Spam My reasoning for finding this particularly funny […]

The Sci Fi Sounds Quiz

There were a lot that I immediately recognized. Some of the others I had to use process of elimination or otherwise deduce. Well made test. Although, there is an easy way to cheat. Anyone notice it? I received 85 credits on The Sci Fi Sounds Quiz How much of a Sci-Fi geek are you? Take […]

The Passion of Paul Potts

I don’t watch hardly any TV, and when I do it is not a reality show, especially not one of the star search variety like American Idol. When I saw Nick Hodges post about Opera, I first figured it was the Web Browser. Then when I figured it was the musical style, I didn’t expect […]

It has been a little while since I posted about my polyphasic sleep. I have become a believer in 15 minute naps. If I sleep any longer then that then I get sleepy, but if I am 15 minutes or less then I feel great. My core has been giving me trouble with me ending […]

iPod Nap

Taking 15 – 30 minute naps during the day is a great way to get your energy up, even when you are not doing polyphasic sleep. One problem though is how to wake up when it is time, especially when you are not at home. At home my wife got me a great dual-alarm clock […]