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Gift for Mother-in-Law

I had a good friend who was a rock hound.  He would go out and either find rough rocks in the wild, or buy them.  Then clean, cut and polish them.  For some of the rocks he would mount them as jewelry. He told me about a gift he made for his mother-in-law.  It was a […]

We are Moving

“Everything but the kitchen sink.” was the text attached to this picture from my wife. I am sure I mentioned we are moving from sunny Nampa, Idaho (close to Boise) to rainy Mukilteo, Washington (close to Seattle). FYI, Mukilteo is pronounced like Muckle-Tea-Oh (like Buckle). Took me a while to get that right. I’ve actually […]

Dinner with Shel and a Foil ball

Wow, the blogger dinner was a great experience. I got Shel to sign my copy of Naked Conversations, which is really cool for me. I really like collecting signed books. We had great pizza at Flying Pie – they are so passionate about pizza, and for good reason – they make the best I’ve had. […]

Boise Blog Dinner TONIGHT!

If you live in the Boise, Idaho area and are involved in blogging (reader or writer) be sure you are at the Boise Blog Dinner tonight! Time/Date: 6:30-8:30 pm, Monday, May 15 (TONIGHT!) Place: Flying Pie Pizza, 6508 Fairview, Boise, Idaho Deal: Pizza and soda for $4.00 In addition to local blogosphere members, Shel Israel, […]

Boise Blogger Dinner

There will be a blogger dinner in Boise with Shel Israel, one of the authors of Naked Conversations. I plan to be there. Shel is in town as a speaker for the Public Relations Society of America on Tuesday May 16th. The dinner will be Monday, May 15th. He posted to his blog looking for […]

Real Estate Values

Want to know the value of a house? Check out Zillow. They have data on 45 out of 50 states. They are missing data on Maine, Idaho, the Dakotas and New Hampshire. I know Maine and Idaho are big potato exporters, I wonder if they have a bias against potatoes?

Famous Potatoes?

Living in Idaho whenever I travel people ask me about Idaho potatoes. They are famous, and they are good, but I honestly don’t know any potato farmers. If you look in the news in Idaho you see more industry news about high tech companies like Micron then you do about potatoes. Now State Senator Hal […]