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Some Video That I Used To Know

I’m sure you’ve seen the video for Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. Pretty cool video, and pretty cool song. It didn’t stop there though. Walk of the Earth did a creative cover, where the 5 of them played a single guitar. That of course inspired a number of parodies and copycats, including […]

Fun with Google Scribe

Google Scribe (in Google Labs) tries to help make writing easier and better by using predictive text suggestions. These go beyond regular finish the word suggestions, and can actually suggest the next word. I assume this must be based on their index of commonly occurring word that are adjacent. So I was wondering what would […]

Gift for Mother-in-Law

I had a good friend who was a rock hound.  He would go out and either find rough rocks in the wild, or buy them.  Then clean, cut and polish them.  For some of the rocks he would mount them as jewelry. He told me about a gift he made for his mother-in-law.  It was a […]

Dr. Horrible Isn’t Evil

Dr. Horrible isn’t horrible, it’s fantastic. I guess Dr. Fantastic wouldn’t be a really good name for a super villain though. And that would be an even worse catch phrase then “I have a PhD in horribleness!” (yes, it is a word.) I just watched Dr. Horrible Act 1 and 2 again. I can hardly […]

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

I am not really a cat person, although I used to be one. I thought this was a hoot, and mostly I wanted to see if Jake still reads my blog. Jake is a cat person and also a software engineer (like me!) I caught him before with my Why Curiosity Killed the Cat post. […]

Gift Giving

I’ve never been much for gifts on occasion, I much prefer just giving people gifts, cards, etc. when I think about it or see something I think they will like. Unfortunately I usually try to save it for the next appropriate occasion, and then just forget, or am unable to get it then. So if […]

The Sci Fi Sounds Quiz

There were a lot that I immediately recognized. Some of the others I had to use process of elimination or otherwise deduce. Well made test. Although, there is an easy way to cheat. Anyone notice it? I received 85 credits on The Sci Fi Sounds Quiz How much of a Sci-Fi geek are you? Take […]

Pockets are Deceivingly Large

Pockets are deceivingly large. It doesn’t seam like they hold much. Through out the day as you have small pocket sized items you place them in your pocket. Finally you go to retrieve one. That is when you discover that pockets are much bigger then you thought as you attempt to find the item you […]

Pop-Tarts and Skim Milk

Pop-Tarts and Skim Milk is like a Big Mac and a Diet Coke. The skim milk doesn’t ease my mind that I am having Pop-Tarts since I don’t usually drink milk at all. They are both treats, and the fact that the break room stocks them both makes them really easy access. Milk is actually […]

I am the Geek Squad

This was so funny I just had to share it. First a little back story, for those not familiar with the Princess Bride. Miracle Max is a little old “wizard” type character played by Billy Cristal. Fezzik is a giant played by Andre the Giant. Fezzik and Inigo are knocking on Miracle Max’s door, but […]