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Pop-Tarts and Skim Milk

Pop-Tarts and Skim Milk is like a Big Mac and a Diet Coke. The skim milk doesn’t ease my mind that I am having Pop-Tarts since I don’t usually drink milk at all. They are both treats, and the fact that the break room stocks them both makes them really easy access. Milk is actually […]

It has been a little while since I posted about my polyphasic sleep. I have become a believer in 15 minute naps. If I sleep any longer then that then I get sleepy, but if I am 15 minutes or less then I feel great. My core has been giving me trouble with me ending […]

iPod Nap

Taking 15 – 30 minute naps during the day is a great way to get your energy up, even when you are not doing polyphasic sleep. One problem though is how to wake up when it is time, especially when you are not at home. At home my wife got me a great dual-alarm clock […]

Today, being Monday, found me at work during the day.  I work a traditional cubicle dwelling 8 to 5 job as a Software Engineer. I actually woke up later then I planned, but I still got to work at a good time and took two 15 minute naps at work. The first was in the […]

The traditional monophasic sleep schedule has never fit me really well. When I was younger I experimented a lot with sleep deprevation, which usually ended with a much longer then normal monophasic sleep block. I decided I would start experimenting with polyphasic sleep. Here is my plan: Start adding 15-30 minute naps every 4 to […]

There are two types of sleep: Monophasic and Polyphasic. By about 7 years old most people in the United States practice Monophasic sleep, or sleeping for one solid chunk of time from 6 to 9 hours, usually at night. Interestingly, we are all born practicing Polyphasic sleep – rotating through a cycle of sleep and […]

I previously discussed the chain from thoughts to actions to habits to character. Now I would really like to re-iterate a point: The importance of choosing the thoughts you give time on the stage of your mind. Sometimes it may feel like we are bombarded with random thoughts – they just keep coming with no […]

For some reason on my my most memorable Sunday School lessons as a teen ager was when we can into the classroom and the teacher had written on the board something like: _____ become _____ ______ create _____ ______ build ______ Then the words: Thoughts, Actions, Habits, and Character. Now as I try to recall […]

Drink Your Barley

When my wife suggested we were going to drink some barley drinks I was a little unsure what that might mean. When I think of barley drinks the first thing that comes to mind is beer – which is made with malted or fermented barley – and I don’t drink beer, nor do I have […]