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Gift Giving

I’ve never been much for gifts on occasion, I much prefer just giving people gifts, cards, etc. when I think about it or see something I think they will like. Unfortunately I usually try to save it for the next appropriate occasion, and then just forget, or am unable to get it then. So if […]

Christmas Paid for Itself

This is something really cool that I have been meaning to blog about since before Thanksgiving. Denise pointed out that I haven’t been updating my blog near enough (ugh, I just meta-blogged!) So we wanted to get our family a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. They run about $225 – $300, which is reasonable, but then […]

My son shared with me some creative questions he came up with at school: How do you know you are not upside down and gravity isn’t really pulling you up? Have you ever been your imagination? Have you ever exceeded your imagination? Of course part of me wants to give a simple answer, but then […]

What do you see here? Surprisingly it might have something to do with your age or gender. As an adult you might see a card board tube left over from Christmas gift wrap. For our little boys it is a sword mostly. But it also makes a great telescope, megaphone, bat, baton, etc. Our little […]

Laughing with M.E.

My sister Amanda has started a blog and web-comic called Laughing with M.E..  The comic chronicles the life of Myra Emery and her family while the blog talks about home life.  I am sure it will appeal more to the stay at home moms, but I find it really funny and fun too.  Check it […]