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Who’s John Galt?

Wait, wait, don’t tell me, I am in the middle of Atlas Shrugged. At 645,000 words and 1168 pages it is the 15th longest novel of all time, just longer then War and Peace. So it is taking me a little while to get through it. It has been enjoyable so far. I don’t agree […]

Hot Self Publishing Tips

First of all a couple quotes “Writing is re-writing” and “Every Master was once a Disaster.”  I am unsure of the original source, but I have heard them from Harv Eker a few times.  If you are self publishing get a lot of feedback from a lot of people.  You will rewrite a lot of […]

What is Available in the Public Domain?

It is kind of complicated actually.  There is some stuff that is straight forward.  Published before 1923 is public domain. Anything else has other criteria.  Here is a guide.  That is all for the US, so it may be different elsewhere. Here are a couple sources of Public Domain documents in ready to use electronic […]

I just finished reading the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. An amazing book. It was published about 100 years ago too. You can read the whole thing on WikiSource. That is where I got it from too. I formatted it all nice and printed it out. Wallace has other books like Science […]

In Joel on Software‘s post on Choices = Headaches Joel refers to Barry Schwartz’s book The Paradox of Choice: The more choices you give people, the harder it is for them to choose, and the unhappier they’ll feel. See, for example, Barry Schwartz’s book, The Paradox of Choice. Let me quote from the Publishers Weekly […]