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You may or may not be aware of my weekend hobby. I do competitive improvisational comedy – it is called ComedySportz (comedy played as a sport). My wife and I are part of an international organization called CSz Worldwide (mostly US, but also UK and Germany). We do clean, all ages comedy that we make up […]

The Bible Isn’t Scary

The Idaho Senate just approved a measure permitting Bible in schools.  Why is it an issue about using the Bible in schools? When I was in school we read excerpts from the Iliad (a religious text from ancient Greece), from the Bible and other ancient religious texts. It was clear that there was no effort to […]

I Invented Slide to Unlock?

Was rather surprised this morning to discover I invented Slide to Unlock. A former co-worker and friend saw the news and was wondering if I was the Jim McKeeth mentioned. Of course he, and a lot of other people, are wondering if I will be getting any money out of it. Since the patent is licensed […]

Some Video That I Used To Know

I’m sure you’ve seen the video for Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. Pretty cool video, and pretty cool song. It didn’t stop there though. Walk of the Earth did a creative cover, where the 5 of them played a single guitar. That of course inspired a number of parodies and copycats, including […]

Fun with Google Scribe

Google Scribe (in Google Labs) tries to help make writing easier and better by using predictive text suggestions. These go beyond regular finish the word suggestions, and can actually suggest the next word. I assume this must be based on their index of commonly occurring word that are adjacent. So I was wondering what would […]

Via Twitter

jimmckeeth (Jim McKeeth) Tip: If you are using Windows Easy Transfer to backup boot camp before reinstalling, remove the drive letter for the Mac OS X partition. 27 Jan jimmckeeth (Jim McKeeth) It is irritating how often a reboot fixes my computer troubles. More irritating how often I forget that. 27 Jan jimmckeeth (Jim McKeeth) […]

Gift for Mother-in-Law

I had a good friend who was a rock hound.  He would go out and either find rough rocks in the wild, or buy them.  Then clean, cut and polish them.  For some of the rocks he would mount them as jewelry. He told me about a gift he made for his mother-in-law.  It was a […]

Big Bang Theory T-Shirts

I really enjoy watching Big Bang Theory, one of the best parts is all the crazy T-Shirts Sheldon wears. Now someone case created similarly crazy shirts based on Sheldon. I already have this one: Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock This is probably my favorite: I’m Not Insane My mother had me tested Bazinga Visionary Anime […]

Star Wars the Old Republic

It looks like someone might finally have my number when it comes to a massively multiplayer game (MMO): I actually have not played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic yet, but I heard good things about it. It it wasn’t BioWare teamed with Lucas Arts for this game then I would have my doubts […]


One of my favorite movies GATTACA is now on Hulu. It is a Sci-Fi movie about a world where they have completely sequenced the human genome, and within seconds of birth they can tell you your likelihood of diseases and life expectancy. Naturally they also have the ability to engineer humans with no genetic defects. […]