The Bible Isn’t Scary

The Idaho Senate just approved a measure permitting Bible in schools. The Bible

Why is it an issue about using the Bible in schools? When I was in school we read excerpts from the Iliad (a religious text from ancient Greece), from the Bible and other ancient religious texts. It was clear that there was no effort to preach from any of those. They were simply examples of ancient literature that had historical significance.

I keep seeing posts saying “the Bible has no place in school.” Should we remove anything related to any religion from school, or just anything related to Christianity? Why does something become scary once it is related to Christianity?

If anything it is offensive that the Idaho Senate needed to “clarify any misconceptions” about teachers being able to reference resources they needed to use in the course of their education. I’m sure there were no misconceptions about the use of the “Epic of Gilgamesh” or any of the other religious texts regularly used in schools.

Many ancient cultures held mathematics in religious significance (take Pythagoras for example). Science also has origins and shared roots with religion. Maybe we should remove math and science from school too. Just teach politics and history, oh wait, that has influences from religion too.

Religion isn’t scary or backwards. Ignorance is though. Why would anyone favor ignorance over education in the name of education?