Big Bang Theory T-Shirts

I really enjoy watching Big Bang Theory, one of the best parts is all the crazy T-Shirts Sheldon wears. Now someone case created similarly crazy shirts based on Sheldon.

I already have this one:

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

This is probably my favorite:

I’m Not Insane
My mother had me tested

Big  Bang  Theory Insane T-Shirt


Big Bang  Theory Bazinga T-Shirt


Big Bang  Theory Visionary T-Shirt
Big Bang  Theory Anime T-Shirt


Big Bang  Theory Revenge T-Shirt

Friendship Algorithm

Big Bang  Theory Friendship Algorithm T-Shirt

All the Big Bang Theory shirts at

One Response to “Big Bang Theory T-Shirts”  

  1. 1 Matt Overall

    Ha, I too love that show and love all the T-Shirts Sheldon wears.
    Maybe ill order a few…