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We are Moving

“Everything but the kitchen sink.” was the text attached to this picture from my wife. I am sure I mentioned we are moving from sunny Nampa, Idaho (close to Boise) to rainy Mukilteo, Washington (close to Seattle). FYI, Mukilteo is pronounced like Muckle-Tea-Oh (like Buckle). Took me a while to get that right. I’ve actually […]

Birthday Cake and Skim Milk

Not much better then pop-tarts, but it is my new managers birthday. I believe you should always eat some birthday cake.  Your diet in general should be good enough to carry you through birthday cake or any other time you are offered modest food from others. 

Pockets are Deceivingly Large

Pockets are deceivingly large. It doesn’t seam like they hold much. Through out the day as you have small pocket sized items you place them in your pocket. Finally you go to retrieve one. That is when you discover that pockets are much bigger then you thought as you attempt to find the item you […]

Pop-Tarts and Skim Milk

Pop-Tarts and Skim Milk is like a Big Mac and a Diet Coke. The skim milk doesn’t ease my mind that I am having Pop-Tarts since I don’t usually drink milk at all. They are both treats, and the fact that the break room stocks them both makes them really easy access. Milk is actually […]

I am the Geek Squad

This was so funny I just had to share it. First a little back story, for those not familiar with the Princess Bride. Miracle Max is a little old “wizard” type character played by Billy Cristal. Fezzik is a giant played by Andre the Giant. Fezzik and Inigo are knocking on Miracle Max’s door, but […]