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The Passion of Paul Potts

I don’t watch hardly any TV, and when I do it is not a reality show, especially not one of the star search variety like American Idol. When I saw Nick Hodges post about Opera, I first figured it was the Web Browser. Then when I figured it was the musical style, I didn’t expect […]

e to the pi times i

I like math, but might not know as much about it as some real math nuts.  I was reading the web comic XKCD, which has a lot of math jokes.  I read this comic titled e to the pi times i (language warning) which says if you take e to the power of ? times […]

What is Available in the Public Domain?

It is kind of complicated actually.  There is some stuff that is straight forward.  Published before 1923 is public domain. Anything else has other criteria.  Here is a guide.  That is all for the US, so it may be different elsewhere. Here are a couple sources of Public Domain documents in ready to use electronic […]