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Laughing with M.E.

My sister Amanda has started a blog and web-comic called Laughing with M.E..  The comic chronicles the life of Myra Emery and her family while the blog talks about home life.  I am sure it will appeal more to the stay at home moms, but I find it really funny and fun too.  Check it […]

IM in GAIM with AIM, MSN, ICQ and Y!

For the longest time I have used GAIM (pronounced game) for all my instant messaging. It is an open source, multiprotocol client with lots of extra features. Originally it was for Linux only, but they ported it to Windows finally. Before that I used Trillian, which is also multiprotocol, but I like GAIM better. The […]

Soul Defined

Ben “Lemming Lord” Bauer defines the soul as: The soul is that part of someone that is invulnerable. I thought that was a cool definition, but then I got to thinking. . . .I believe the Soul is malleable – it changes and grows with the person. I’ve never considered the vulnerability of it, but […]