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Drink Your Barley

When my wife suggested we were going to drink some barley drinks I was a little unsure what that might mean. When I think of barley drinks the first thing that comes to mind is beer – which is made with malted or fermented barley – and I don’t drink beer, nor do I have […]

Red Beans and Jambalaya Rice recipe

I make this Red Beans and Jambalaya Rice dish that everyone loves.  Well, either they love it or they run screaming saying that their lips have been burned off.  It is spicy, but very, very flavorful. The secret is peppers and lots of them in a variety.  If you like it less spicy then reduce […]

Boise Blogger Dinner

There will be a blogger dinner in Boise with Shel Israel, one of the authors of Naked Conversations. I plan to be there. Shel is in town as a speaker for the Public Relations Society of America on Tuesday May 16th. The dinner will be Monday, May 15th. He posted to his blog looking for […]

Nothing worthwhile comes easily. . .

Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Half effort does not produce half results. It produces no results. -Hamilton Holt Thanks to my Sweetie for this quote.

Wafa Sultan on Muslim Terrorism

Wow, this has got to be on of the most amazing speeches/interviews I have seen in a long time. Wafa Sultan is an Arab-American Psychologist from LA. This video clip aired on Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) on Feburary 21st, 2006. She really lays it on the line for the Muslims and the belief that Islamic faith […]

Real Estate Values

Want to know the value of a house? Check out Zillow.  They have data on 45 out of 50 states.  They are missing data on Maine, Idaho, the Dakotas and New Hampshire.  I know Maine and Idaho are big potato exporters, I wonder if they have a bias against potatoes?

Famous Potatoes?

Living in Idaho whenever I travel people ask me about Idaho potatoes.  They are famous, and they are good, but I honestly don’t know any potato farmers.  If you look in the news in Idaho you see more industry news about high tech companies like Micron then you do about potatoes.  Now State Senator Hal […]