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What Makes You Happy? has a list of the 12 things that make people happy in one of their slide shows.  Check out the slide show for some more details on each. Friends Sex Socializing Marriage Praying Relative Wealth Good Health Genes (Inherited) Work (Enjoy what you do) Money (Adequate) Experiential Activities (Experience over acquisition) Age (40+) I […]

Moved from Blogger to WordPress

Finally made the move from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger is a good package, but WordPress is much better. I would highly recommend starting with WordPress since migrating is a little trouble. WordPress comes with an importer, but the trick is keeping all the old links from breaking. This is like my 5th blog migrated from […]

Copy & Paste Comic

I write a lot of code as a software developer. It is very common practice to copy code and paste it somewhere else for reuse. The preferred method is to put it in a common method or library that both places reference, but that doesn’t always work. I have been curious if comic artists ever […]

Firefly Season 2

If you haven’t seen Serenity or Firefly (or even if you have seen them, and don’t own them yet) yet then go buy the DVDs. After you watch them then complete the Firefly Season 2 survey. Personally I have no problem paying to watch each episode of Firefly, but the amount of money I will […]