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Back to WinAmp

As you most likely know, all the original developers from NullSoft that worked on WinAmp prior to the AOL assimilation left the company a while back. Combine that with the anoyingly slow “modern” skin and a few other anoying features and I finally decided I needed to move on to a different audio player. Well, […]

Happy Birthday Mozart

Break out the powdered wigs and put on your classical music. Today is Mozart’s 250th birthday. How are you celebrating? Subject tags: [Mozart] [Classics] [Birthday] [Music]

The Future of Serenity

Despite very good reviews, and staying well within budget, Serenity didn’t do so hot in the box office it turns out. All is not lost. Amazon still ranks Serenity as #3 in DVD sales, with Firefly close behind in #5. As Joss put it: DVD sales should, however, put Serenity back in the black and […]

Google Maps Package Mapper

Honestly I think it would be a good idea for Google to provide this as part of their services. Until they do, we can use from Oliver Steele. Just enter your tracking number, and it uses‘s RSS feed for that tracking number to get the history of where the package has been. Then […]

Moving to WordPress 2.0

I really like WordPress, and the new 2.0 release is sweet. I’ve been slowly moving some of my smaller blogs over to WordPress 1.5, and I just this week upgraded one of them to WordPress 2.0. The installs are always so easy (provided the host doesn’t get goofy on me), it is well documented, well […]

Self referential

This is a word that describes itself: sesquipedalian: (of words) long; having many syllables. Unlike abreviated. Subject tags: [Words] [Dictionary] [Word] [Language]

Serenity Quote

The movie Serenity is full of great quotes. Joss Wheaton is just a great writer. Listening to the DVD commentary he said that he had a lot of long sections of dialog that were actually cut out. I guess he is really into conversation. This quote is one of my favorites, and it is in […]

Playing with Pandora

If you haven’t been out to Pandora I highly suggest you check it out now. It basically lets you build your own radio stations. They created a huge music taxonomy, classifying music by many different criteria. Then you tell it which songs you like and which you don’t and it finds more that you will […]

Justice is (Color) Blind

I actually wrote this post a long time ago. Back in November of 2004, but somehow it never got posted. My good friend Rich Hundhausen posted about his jury duty which reminded me of this, and then when I looked for it I couldn’t find it. So here it is, and just a little late. […]

Waterborne on Google Video

I just watched Waterborne on Google Video. It is an independent film that is exclusively premiering on Google Video. The movie follows the aftermath of a fictional biological terrorist attack on the LA water supply. I must say, I am REALLY impressed. It is a great movie, and the Google streaming video feed worked great. […]