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US States Puzzel

How well do you know the location of your US States? I was actually surprised to get 94% right with a 13 mile average margine of error in 244 Secs. See how well you do at placing the states. Subject tags: [US] [Geography] [Puzzel] [States] [Game] [Challenge] [Fun]

Honda Odyssey

Saturday we purcahsed a Honda Odyssey mini van. We researched it and it was consistantly rated as the top mini van. We got the dual powered slidding doors, which is a huge hit with the family. Sunday we went over to my sister’s house. On the way there when I put my daughter in the […]

Acer Aspire 3003WLCi

Overview: Great notebook for the price Pros: Price, display, wifi, thin, thoughtful features. Cons: Battery life, usb port placement Rating: 9 out of 10 I was able to pick this Acer Aspire 3003WLCi notebook up for $700 at a local retailer, and it came with a nice bundle of extras: Color printer, wireless router, virus […]

Excuse Me?!

Have you ever noticed how flexible the phrase “Excuse me” is? All based on body language, voice inflection, and current context it can have more meanings then I could list. Broadly, the more common usage it is rather submissive as you beg someone to forgive you for your imperfections. While in another almost as common […]

Black Friday 2005 at CompUSA

I went to stand in line at our local CompUSA to pick up one of their day after Thanksgiving sale items. Ran into a bunch of my friends while there too. A couple showed up way before I did, securing themsevles a better place in line, while the rest showed up shortly after I did. […]

Paradigm Shifts

Isn’t it interesting how we can go through life with some assumption and never question it always assuming it to be correct, then one day everything changes? These basic assumptions are our paradigm. Then when one day these assumptions are challenged the result is a paradigm shift. Life is all about paradigm shifts. If we […]

7 Acres

Turns out my cousin Neal Galloway has a band called 7 Acres. There is a poll on radio station X102 to get them more air time. If you have a second then please head over and vote for 7 Acres. Thanks! Subject tags: [Music] [Band] [Radio] [7 Acres]

Pirates are a Consumer’s Best Friend

A friend of mine earlier today said that he encourages pirating of music. This was in response to the folly of Sony’s Music CD DRM (Digital Rights Management – restricts consumers use media) [Technical article that unearthed Sony’s folly]. Sony was installing DRM software on people’s computers (without their knowledge) to prevent them from copying […]

Finding WiFi

SkyMall has a mini WiFi signal locator in its Diversions section. It is called the Mobile Edge and would fit on a key chain. I am guessing it is about 2″ x 1″. It runs $29.95. I always use my Clie. It is a little bigger, but I already have it with me and i […]

Creative Alarm Clocks

Found a couple creative alarm clocks. They are both in the SkyMall catalog and come from Hammacher Schlemmer. The first is the “Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock”. It gradually raises the ambient light, while it releases stimulating aromas and peaceful nature sounds. The lights and aromas starts a whole thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled […]