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Biological Stats

These are some interesting stats I wanted to jot down, so I sent them from my Clie to my blog where they will live forever. 98% of the cells (the source said atoms) in your body are replaced every year. Cells of brain replaced every year. Skeleton replaced every 3 months. Liver every 6 weeks. […]

Blogging in the Dark

So what do you do when the power goes out? Wouldn’t that be a great time to update your Blog? That is what is nice about having a portable device. Instead of a laptop I got a Sony Clie ux50. It is like a really small laptop. Unfortunately I can’t post until the power come […]

Gmail Storage Space

I’ve been using Gmail for my email for quite some time now. Not only does it provide plenty of storage space, but I really like the interface. Gmail’s debut was on April 1st last year (See post by Paul Buchheit, Gmail’1st Engineer). Some people thought it was an April Fools joke – 1 gigabyte of […]

Flu Shot

Seems like ever since the flu shot was introduced there has been a pattern. This pattern may not hold true every year, but it certainly seems to be regularly re-occuring. In about late September, early October I start to see signs going up at the big stores saying they will have a flu shot clinic […]


Just ordered a Pacific Image MPEG4 PV-801 mini VCR off of Woot. I have some VHS tapes I want to get into my PC, plus I have video clips I want to get to my TV. I have a DVD burner, but that seems hit and miss in my DVD player as of late. Short […]

Yahoo! and Microsoft to Link IM Networks

It is about time these networks started linking. Imagine if we still had disconnected email networks (it wasn’t that long ago). I wonder if AOL is going to make a consolidating move, maybe with their own ICQ network. For anyone using Jabber or GAIM, then you already have the ability to connect to multiple networks, […]

Pi: The Music Video

190 Digits of Pi, set to music in a video. Wizards, robots, kids in striped shirts, people being disintegrated, break dancing and a little bit of hip hop for good measure. “That’s what I call get’n some ?. . .” BTW, I listened to it again, and although it is made took look like a […]

“I Wouldn’t Want It”

I was getting some water this afternoon and started talking with a co-worker. He pointed to this poster about how “you could win a Mercedes-Benz C230 Sport Sedan for one year” (same picture as on the site). He was saying how he wouldn’t want it since he would have to pay for the insurance for […]

Secret Lie

I am sure it is obvious to anyone who knows my wife Dawn and I that I am really fond of her and think the world of her. Occasionally she still impresses me. She has started her own Blog, which she setup on her own I might add. Her latest post “The Secret Lie” is […]

Feed Moved to Feed Burner

I discovered the Blogger is not formatting my newsfeed correctly. I’ve been looking at FeedBurner for a while now. They provide a free service that enhances news feeds. I ran my news feed through it and discovered it fixed all my complaints. If you are using the old ATOM feed you will want to switch […]