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Two male academics in the UK claim to have proof that men (of the age 14) have on average 5 more IQ points then women and that “the difference grows when the highest IQ levels are considered.” There were twice as many men with IQ scores of 125, for example, a level said to correspond […]

Time Travel

Generally I find progress a good thing. From time to time I do find myself longing for the way things used to be. Here are some of the resources I have found invaluable for a little time travel. – Keeps an archive of older versions of freeware and shareware applications. They keep expanding their […]

Pamelia Kurstin plays the Theremin

Dawn and I are planning to go hear Pamelia Kurstin play the Theremin in Boise (with more information) at the 3 Shapes Aikido Dojo. The Theremin was the first electronic instrument, invented in 1917, and is played without touching it. Check-out some Theremin samples (large variety in quality). Tags: [Live] [theremin] [music] [concert] in [Boise], […]

Picking Flowers

I was trying to look up the exact quote “Pick a flower on earth and you move the farthest star,” which I thought was James C. Maxwell. Turns out it was Paul Dirac. Not sure why I had them confused! It is still one of my favorite physic’s quotes. Found the reference in the online […]

More on the Swan Falls Dam

I originally and erroneously reported that the Swan Falls Dam no longer was used for power generation. Steve Jung emailed me to let me know it has been in full use as a electric generating power plant since it was built in 1901. Depending on inflows it has the capability of generating 12 mws. It […]

Johnny Applebot’s Resurrection

Back in April I posted Death of a Toy about the fleeting momemnts before my son’s Johnny Applebot toy passed away. Today I got an email from Bart Feliciano. He was the original designer of Johnny Applebot. I got his permission to share what he wrote with everyone. I designed Johnny Applebot when I worked […]

Bush’s “Brain disease sparks concern”

This is another case of an unfortunate juxtaposition of headlines and photographs in a news paper. President Bush is coming to visit Nampa, Idaho, the city I live. That made the headline, but Bush’s picture was placed right beside a headline of “Brain disease sparks concern.” See the results for yourself. It doesn’t help that […]

Lost and Found

A while back Dawn pointed out that the problem everyone has with weight loss is metal. When we “loose” things we go out looking for them to get them back. Like we loose our keys, or loose a job. We have a feeling of loss and want to feel the void left behind. So when […]

3 Shapes Aikido

Dawn and I just attended our first Aikido class at the 3 Shapes Dojo in Boise. We had a great time and learned a lot. We are taking advantage of their beginner special and hope to join the dojo after our trial month is up. Aikido is a great martial art. It is one I […]

Double Habanero Pizza

Our local Flying Pie Pizza offers a Double Habanero pizza only during the month of August, when the peppers are their hottest. For anyone who doesn’t know, a habanero is the worlds hottest pepper and is roughly 50 times hotter then a Jalapeņo. We ordered one for lunch at work today. Had them add Jalapeņo’s […]