Mailing List Disclaimer

I administer a few mailing lists, most on Yahoo!Groups or GoogleGroups. I get a chuckle when someone posts to the list with one of those annoying and useless email disclaimers. I thought it a good idea to add a disclaimer footer for all messages posted to the group. Here is the disclaimer I came up with. Anything I missed?

./                       \.

This e-mail is intended nobody in particular. This transmission likely contains information that is goofy, irrational and/or devoid of logical thought as defined by a sane person. If you are not in possession of a sense of humor please destroy this message immediately. You are hereby notified that any serious consideration, genuine interest in, or belief in the factual nature contained herein (including any reliance thereon) is foolhardy at best and may lead to serious injury or public embarrassment. Criticism, flames, mocking, disagreement, snickering, gaffing, making fun of and belly laughter is very likely. While disclosure of information contained herein with orangutans or hypnotized zombies of the brain eating variety is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

If you received this transmission intentionally or accidentally, please accept our apologies for any wasted time, computer storage, bandwidth consumed, brain damage or emotional trauma caused by this message and/or the reading thereof. Please immediately respond to the sender without completely reading the message or any linked articles and destroy their belief in the intelligence of humanity by flaunting your ignorance. Printing of this material in its entirety or in part, whether intentionally or accidentally is a waste of natural resources. Forwarding this message to others will lead them to find you neither funny nor intelligent.

The contents of this email do not necessarily represent the opinions, views or policies of any sane person or artificial computer intelligence. Any resemblance of fact is purely coincidental and will be corrected immediately upon discovery.

Failure to disregard this notice in its entirety is a sign of having too much time on your hands. Please go read a book or take up a hobby not involving the computer.

Thank you,

-List Administration

Reading through this again I think it would be a good idea to add something about spelling errors. What else?