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Star Wars Wedding: More Coverage in the Paper

The Idaho Press Tribune has a really nice write-up on us in the paper today. Not only did they mention our free evening workshop on communication, they also included a great photo of us, and a link to our website. This photo was taken by our good friend Rebekah. In the foreground you can see […]

Mythbusters is a great show and it is full of useful information. For instance, will it take more ping pong balls under water, or 11″ helium balloons in the air, to raise 1 pound of weight? It takes 15 ping balls, submerged under water to float 1 pound. Those same ping pong ball can withstand […]

Our little family right before the wedding. Han, Leia, a Jedi Padawan and three Ewoks. Subject tags: [StarWars] [Wedding] [Marriage]

Star Wars: Better Article

The Idaho Press Tribune featured a much better article on Jim and I, even mentioning our new training business. Unfortunately they didn’t put it on their website. A good friend of mine was so very kind to take some pictures for us at the ceremony. Jim will upload some of those for you tonight I […]

Alpha Wolves

Dawn and I just watched this great documentary on the Discovery Channel about this couple that lived with the Sawtooth wolf pack in Idaho for 6 years to create a documentary. They discovered a lot of really interesting things about wolves, but one of the things that really struck me was the selection of the […]

In the paper

I get to work this morning and find that Dawn and I are in the Idaho Statesman on page 9 of the main section. There is a little blurb about us too. Most of the facts are right. It is interesting they printed the parts they did. The way they took the photos is cool, […]

Cookies and a Hematoma

Gave blood today for the Red Cross. I have been a fairly regular donor since high school. Today was my 19th donation. At 24 I get a 3 gallon pin. For some reason when they stopped the flow to the bag so they could get some in the test tubes the bevel at the end […]

We decided to spend a family day today and drove around the desert outside of town. We drove to Kuna Caves and Swan Falls Dam, as well as a number of other scenic destinations along the way. The Kuna Caves are a lava flow cave. What you see in the picture is a hole in […]

Almost Darth Vader

As I am sure most people know, James Earl Jones did the voice for Darth Vader in the original Star Wars movies while Dave Prowse was the man in the costume. Neither will be reprising their roles in Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. Update: James Earl Jones will be the voice of Darth Vader […]

Assumptions on Evangelism

Joe White posted some of his Assumptions on Evangelism in his blog. I wanted to provide him some feedback, this is what I wrote. Joe, you are assuming that anyone who evangelizes is assuming the person they evangelize too is wrong. Evangelism is zealous preaching and dissemination of the gospel, as through missionary work. Previously […]