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Keeping You Busy

So I am cleaning some paint out of the carpet when my 4 year old comes over and starts getting into something. I ask him not to since I am busy cleaning up a mess by his younger sister. He responds that he needs to make a mess to keep me busy. Turns out he […]

Best Buy Strikes Again

In Best Buy’s latest attempt to drive customers away they had a man arrested for using $2 bills. What happened was a sales rep at Best Buy misinformed a customer (big surprise) about a car stereo’s compatibility, when the customer came back in for a different stereo they gave him a free installation to apologize. […]

Murmurs from the Beyond

I was hauling the trash out to the curb tonight. I may have been imagining it, but I think I may have heard a faint murmur from the bottom of one of the cans. Not sure if there was something still down making noise or if my conscious was reminding me of past events.

Throw Food Out the Window

Do you ever find yourself at the mercy of some strange habit or uncontrollable impulse that makes no logical sense? Whenever I am in the car, and eat something, I have this urge to through the scraps out the window. I don’t litter. If it is “trash” like paper or the like, then it goes […]

Death of a Toy

So my son decided to clean out his room. Any toys he didn’t want would go to charity, except for the broken ones, which would go in the trash. Well, one of the broken ones was a Johnny Apple Bot – which is a robot in the shape of an apple. I never was quite […]