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Yahoo! 360° vs. Blogger

I finally got a Yahoo! 360 Beta account (with 100 invites, if you are interested). I thought I would do a comparison between Yahoo! 360 and Blogger. Yahoo! has some nice features, but is more focused on the FOAF functionality. It is less flexible as a blogging tool (I haven’t figured out how to edit […]

Hot Deal on JVC Noise Cancelation Headphones

This is a sweet deal on some JVC noise cancelation headphones. Normally $149.95, but on sale for $41.99 (with free super saver shipping from Amazon). I was looking at wireless headphones, but they get a lot of interferance. These alternatively have a 4.9 foot retractable cord so there is no cord to get snagged on […]

Upgraded to ATI 9600SE

I’ve preferred NVidia video cards for a long time. Saturday at Boise Fragfest’s Old Skool LAN they had five VisionTek Xtasy ATI 9600SE video cards as raffle prizes along with a whole lot of other stuff. I’ve been ready for a video card upgrade for a few years now. I was using a borrowed NVidia […]

Scare the Bad Bugs

The Dish install is taking a lot longer then expected. I wanted to be home for the install, so I am still here. Life is more interesting at home then at work, that is for sure. TJ was out back and I could hear this yelling, so I stepped out to see what was up. […]

How will I know it stopped?

We have had our dryer for a long time and over time it was getting louder and louder until it was ridiculously noisy. It also seemed to take longer to dry the clothes and it seemed to get hotter. This seemed to be ironic that the dryer was hotter, but the clothes took longer to […]

Dish Network

[Note: I wrote this a while ago, but just now got around to posting it.] Dawn and I have talked about getting a Personal Video Recorder (PVR or Digital Video Recorder – DVR) like TiVo or Replay TV for quite some time now. I think it would be nice to catch the shows we like […]

Free GMail Invites

I have GMail invites free for the taking. I would appreciate an incoming link, but just asking nicely would be good enough. I’ll need your email address to send you the invite.

Non-Blind Mice

This is a story about some mice. Five mice. Three with tails, and two without. None of them are blind. The tailless ones did not loose their tails in to a farmer’s wife with a carving knife, they were actually born that way. I suspect a happy ending too. My Logitech optical mouse is finally […]

FedEx Stories

I had a similar experience with FedEx as Allen. I was ordering a new motherboard through mail order. It was shipped via FedEx Super Saver (I think it was) which takes 3 days. This was towards the end of November a few years back. Well, I was eagerly tracking it via the tracking site (a […]

Be A Guide on just updated their list of topics they are looking for perspective guides for. Guides are paid based on page views. As long as the page views keep increasing month after month, then the guide gets paid more. About merged with long ago. They make an effort to be a great source of information […]