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Love at a Distance

Back when Dawn and I were first married, we saw the movie The Shadow. There was one scene where Lamont Cranston (The Shadow, Alec Baldwin) went to investigate this big enclosed metal dome while Margo Lane (Penelope Ann Miller) was doing some research at the library (or something like that). Lamont ended up encountering some […]

Study Guide for the Geek Test

A while back a friend of mine wanted to impress her husband by scoring really high on the Geek Test. In response I created the Study Guide for the Geek Test. I don’t know if she actually took the test. It is fairly long, but creating the study guide actually increased my score. I knew […]

Controlling the Relationship

In response to my sweetheart’s post about controlling the Relationship I have a comment: When you are in the “co-dependent” relationship mode you are actually putting the other person in charge of your feelings. You are giving them power over you. If you say “I need you to do X so I can have Y,” […]

Wikipedia vs. Critical Thinking

NPR Weekend Edition’s Laura Sydell had an interesting story about Wikipedia. Tim Lauer of eSchoolNews provides a summary and analysis. The story opens with Jacquie Henry, a high school librarian at Ruben A Cirillo High School. She represents the opinion of some teachers who are under the impression that their students are not sophisticated enough […]


I just finished my Defense Against Pornography presentation last night. I decided to mention Firefox as a solution for pop-ups and a more secure browser. I didn’t want to push it, but just provide it as an option. I know I really like Firefox over Internet Explorer, so I didn’t want my bias to influence […]

Blogger Jam

Friday I tried to make a post to Blogger, and I think I may have had some funky HTML code because now when I try to view / edit my existing posts I just get an error telling me that the Blogger engineers have been notified. I am curious if I can make a new […]

Choice Firefox Extensions

One of the best things about Firefox is all the extensions. I thought I would compile my list of the best / most useful extensions. A lot of them I think should be included in Firefox by default, but I understand the logic of not including them. Some people might want just the lightest weight […]