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How do I sync using Wireless?

I have Sony Clie UX50, which has 802.11b wireless. You can hotsync it over the wireless, but the settings are a little odd to do so. Every now and again I screw my settings up (like by letting the battery die!) and need to re-enter them. Since I refer to this often I thought I […]

How do you Know it is a Failure?

First, there is a story I want you to read, if you haven’t already. It is a favorite of mine. Last night I made a commitment to myself to get up nice and early, do my morning routine (pray, read, journal, work-out, etc.), and catch the commuter bus to work so I spend the 50 […]

Don’t Judge News Quickly

This is a favorite story (or fable) of mine. I heard it over 20 years ago on a tape by Lynn Bryson (I think that was his name). He attributed it to an old folk tale if I remember correctly. Iíll try to dig the tape up sometime and get the credits right and correct […]

Guest Book

This is my guest book. If you want to contact me, or leave a comment that isn’t about a specific post then you can do that here. I’ll get an email letting me know you posted. You might be curious why I added a guest book. I figured this is the easiest way for visitors […]