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Banned Books

This interesting, The American Library Association’s Most Frequently Challenged Books list – these are the books that are banned in many schools and libraries. I look at this list and I see books that I would probably vote to ban, and then I see others that I read in school and wonder why they are […]

Useful GMail Links

This Page by Mark Lyon is full of useful GMail tools. Including importer, exporters and migrators, as well as POP3 access. Looks like a must have for GMail users. Update: Get the GMail Helper direct from Google. It adds system tray notification and resolution of mailto links to most any Microsoft Windows system. No official […]

New Twist on Nigerian 419 Scam

I just received this message via ICQ: I`m a russian web designer.I have some clients in USA,who pay for my work through the bank.I need help in trasferrin money from my clients on the account in your bank,cashing through your USA account,and then transfer to me through Western Union.My money turn over-5-7000$/month.I`m ready to offer […]

Red Eye Removal

Who all has done red eye removal of photos? I am just curious what kind of software is great for this. I have used a few different packages, but I am not convinced any are ideal. Trying to clean up all the new pictures of the baby from the digital camera. IrfanView just cuts the […]


I was getting shaggy around the edges so I went and saw my good friend for a haircut. She cuts everyone’s hair in our family. Not only does she cut hair but she does a great job of helping my trim my beard. Keeps me looking sharp from the neck up. Generally if I am […]

Church Pants

Found a new interesting blog: Church Pants Tales from the emergency department mixed with other meddlings of my mind. Some material may not be appropriate for the young blogger. It is the blog of Adrian Church, a fairly new emergency room doctor in a rural area. If you have ever watched one of those TV […]

Mozilla Session Saver

I am getting closer to making Firefox (Mozilla) my browser of choice. Thanks to Jake for the link for the Mozilla Session Saver. What this extension does is save all your open tabs when you close Mozilla or Firefox so it remembers where you were when you return. That was one of the big features […]

BorCon2004 to feature the next Delphi

You may want to attend BorCon 2004, even though I won’t be presenting this year. “In-depth details on DiamondBack, the code name for the next Delphi release, will be shown throughout BorCon 2004 (US). If you use Delphi, you’ll want to be there! “ From the list of sessions we can see that the next […]

I’m Rich!

You may have noticed the button on my blog, as well as many other blogs. Blogshares is a fantasy market where you can buy and sell shares in blogs. Crazy idea. I don’t really understand it all myself, but as I mentioned earlier I noticed that Danny Thorpe purchased all the publicly held shares in […]


This morning on the way to work I am listening to NPR. They had a local interest Boise segment by KBSU talking about Kevin Kirk. It would appear that Kevin studied music at BSU. Currently he has a piece called “Lord, Have Mercy” which is featured on All Songs Considered’s Open MIC. When I followed […]